Your account
  • help_outlineHow to create an account?
    1. Go to the official website bilety.wartapoznan.pl
    2. In the upper right corner, click the green icon CREATE ACCOUNT.
    3. Enter your PESEL number (in the case of foreigners, a different identification number) and click the NEXT button.
    4. Fill in all the gaps with correct personal data, as: name, E-mail address and password. Tick the checkbox below (with red star) which is User Agreement to proceed.
    5. Activate your account via link sent on your e-mail.
  • help_outlineHow to login?
    1. Press the button Login in the upper right corner of the website bilety.wartapoznan.pl
    2. Enter the E-mail address that you have used for registration before and your password. Then press the button ‘Login’
  • help_outlineHow do I recover the password for my account?
    1. Click the LOGIN button.
    2. Select Forgot password.
    3. Enter the email address you provided when registering your account.
    4. A message will be sent to the e-mail address provided. Open it (check any SPAM folder) and click the Change password.
    5. Change the password and confirm the change
  • help_outlineHow to change the password?
    1. After logging in, expand the icon with the name of the account owner and select the option Your account.
    2. Press the blue button Options on the right side and Change password.
    3. Write down your current password and then the new password and confirm it. Then use the button Save. You have changed your password successfully. Use the new one, while logging in next time.
  • help_outlineI am foreigner. Can I create an account?

    Yes, you can create an account. When you craete an account on bilety.wartapoznan.pl Enter your Identifier (PESEL or passport/other ID number if you do not have polish PESEL number) and complete the other fields, such as: name, surname, address E-mail.

  • help_outlineHow to check your transaction history?

    After logging in, expand the icon with the name of the account owner in the upper right corner and select the option Transactions list.

Ticket purchase
  • help_outlineHow to buy tickets online?
    1. Log in to the ticket system by clicking on LOGIN in the upper right corner
    2. Select the event you are interested in from the list and click on Buy a Ticket
    3. Choose the stand and the sector from map of the stadium.
    4. Choose the seats that you want to take.
    5. Enter your Identifier. If you want to buy more than one ticket, it is necessary to use another Identifier to each ticket. If your friend haven’t registered yet, you can do it now: enter his/her Identifier and press the button Fill data user with his/her name, last name. Click checkbox Foreigner if the Identifier is any other ID number than PESEL.
    6. select the appropriate price category for each person and select the method of ticket delivery.
    7. Go to summary by clicking SUMMARY. Select the method of payment – credit card or e-payment via PayU.
  • help_outlineHow to use a voucher?

    If you have any voucher, you can reduce price of the ticket in your cart. After entering the personal data, press the button Use promo code right under the price type. Write down the code. If the user has any personal vouchers added to his account, the list of them is available below. To use the voucher, please accept User Agreement on your account.

  • help_outlineI am a foreigner and I do not have a PESEL number, can I buy a ticket online?

    Yes, a person who does not have Polish citizenship can buy a ticket online. The purchase can be made after creating a fan account or through another person with a fan account. When entering the personal data of a fan, use the FILL USER DATA option and select the Foreigner option.

  • help_outlineI forgot my ticket, can I enter the Stadium?

    You can log in to the ticket system and send the ticket via SMS to your phone number. When purchasing a ticket, select the Mobile ticket option and enter your phone number.

  • help_outlineHow many tickets can a fan purchase in one transaction?

    You can buy a maximum of 6 tickets in one transaction.

  • help_outlineCan I buy a ticket for another person from my account?

    Yes - you can buy a ticket for another person. Both online and at ticket office. In both cases, you should provide a identification number, name and surname of the person.

  • help_outlineUnfortunately, I cannot participate in the match, but I have already bought a ticket, can I return it?

    According to the terms of sale accepted at the time of purchase, the ticket cannot be returned.

  • help_outlineCan I buy tickets at a stationary point of sale?

    Yes - you can buy a ticket at Fan Store Zielona Wyspa located in King Cross Marcelin Shopping Center - Level 0. 156 Bukowska Street, 60-198 Poznań

    On the match day, you can also buy tickets at the ticket offices located in the stadium. Ticket offices on the day of the match are open 90 minutes before the start of the match.

    In both cases, you should provide a identification number, name and surname of the person.

  • help_outlineIs a Membership Card required for Warta Poznań matches?

    Having the Member Card is not demanded to enter the stadium for Warta Poznań matches. While buying the ticket on our website, you can select the delivery type Ticket Internet and download ticket on your smartphone or print it at home.

    Ticket office also provides you a possibility of buying tickets without the Member Card.

Mobile ticket
  • help_outlineHow to send a mobile ticket?
    1. Buy a ticket for the match with the Ticket Internet delivery method.
    2. Go to the ticket details and select the MOBILE TICKET button.
    3. Select the MOBILE TICKET option, enter your phone number (9 digits without the area code) and click SEND SMS. To open a ticket right away - without sending it by text message, you can also scan the QR code or copy the link.
    4. Then you will receive on your phone a massege with a link to the ticket. After clicking on the link, a ticket with a barcode will be displayed, which entitles you to enter the stadium.
      IMPORTANT - to open a ticket with SMS, you must be connected to the Internet.
  • help_outlineI purchased several tickets in the transaction. Can I send all tickets in one text message?

    Yes, you can also send all tickets from a given transaction with one SMS. To complete the transaction, just enter the details of the transaction and click MOBILE TICKET, and you will receive all purchased tickets on one phone number.

Match guide
  • help_outlineHow to get to the stadium?
  • help_outlineStadium map
  • help_outlineParking place

    Fans who will come to the match by car are encouraged to use the car park, which is located at ul. Sienkiewicz. It is approximately 500 meters from the stadium and it should take no more than 5 minutes to walk to the stadium.

  • help_outlineTerms of service